Reconciling Science and Faith

If you are a Christian who has been told that to be a truly Bible-believing Christian one MUST reject many aspects of mainstream science, look no further.  Go to The BioLogos Forum.

If you have been told that the Bible MUST be interpreted literally and that if one reads the Bible ‘correctly’ that one would come to a Young Earth Creation conclusion and that there is scientific evidence to support this view, but you find that you really can’t reconcile what the Bible says literally and make it fit what the scientific evidence says, go to The BioLogos Forum.

If you feel that your faith is in jeopardy because you have been told that to reject a literal Genesis is to reject the whole gospel message, go to The BioLogos Forum, and do it YESTERDAY!!

Dr Francis Collins

Dr Francis Collins

The BioLogos Forum was founded by Dr Francis Collins, a Christian scientist (not to be confused with Christian Scientist!) and doctor.  His story is an interesting one.  Brought up by non-religious artistic parents and home-schooled (woohoo!!) until the age of 12, Dr Collins did not think too much about religious matter until he was in his 20s.

Dr Collins is the author of The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief in which he talks about his own faith journey and at the same time makes a case for evolution.  He shows why it is not Science vs Faith where one trumps the other – Creation or Evolution? – but rather, Science and Faith working together that explains the world.

He felt that he needed to come up with a new word to describe this ideology.  The term Theistic Evolution, although accurately descriptive, was not ideal. Some people don’t know what theistic means!  Also, the word Evolution may put some people off as they associate that word with an atheistic worldview.  Some people prefer to use the term Evolutionary Creationist simply because it makes the main focus on the word Creationist and makes the word Evolutionary merely a modifier.  Dr Collins felt that a new term was needed, and so he came up with BioLogos.  (Do we need another term?  And this one is even worse than the first two!  What does it even mean??) Bio means ‘life’ and Logos means ‘Word’.  So, BioLogos means “Life through the Word”.

Ken Ham, a prominent Young Earth Creationist, had this to say about Collins:

It is compromisers like Colllins (sic) who cause people to doubt and disbelieve the Bible—causing them to walk away from the church.

Oh, come on!  Really??  If nothing else, Collins is doing the exact opposite.  He is telling his audience that they can believe what the Bible says.  Honestly, I firmly believe that it is the YECs that are causing people to doubt and disbelieve the Bible and causing them to walk away from the church when they find out the evidence does not match a literal interpretation of the Bible.  And they are walking away from the church because they have been given no other choice!  To do so would be to ‘compromise’ on the truth as the YECs present it.

The BioLogos Foundation was set up with evangelicals in mind because that is where the Creation/Evolution struggle is the greatest.  So, if you are an evangelical Christian who is struggling with this issue, go have a look.  Or, if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, go and have look, too.  It is very interesting whichever way you look at it.


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