Review: Jonathan Park: Ep. 38 – The Return to Iwo Jima, Part 2

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Plot Summary:

An artifacts thief known as the Jaguar has stolen one of the oldest English writings ever discovered — the Beowulf manuscript. Now it’s up to the Creation Response Team to get it back. But the thief has concealed it in the ultimate hiding spot —the volcanic island of Iwo Jima. Only those granted permission by the Japanese government can access the island once every year. Meanwhile, Myles Morgan, the team’s archenemy, is secretly planning to work against the CRT to swipe the manuscript for his own personal gain! (Taken from here.)

The Study Guide for episodes 37-39 can be found here: jp_vol4_study_guide_epi37-39

Background Information

The Jonathan Park CDs are produced by Vision Forum Ministries.  Through these CDs, VF hope to ‘provide children and adults with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God’.  [Which raises the questions, ‘What does “in harmony” mean?’ and ‘What do they do with scientific evidence that is not in harmony with the Word of God?’]

Tagline: This is our Father’s world, God created it; we can explore it, so live the adventure!

NOTE: The producers of this series neglect to reference their information in any form.  No references is ever given either on the CD or in the Study Guide for ANY information presented in the series.  Even the voice actors of the series are not given any credit anywhere.  We only know that the series is a production of Vision Forum Ministries.


This episode of Jonathan Park sees Dr Park, Jim Brenan and Jonathan in Iwo Jima on the trail of the Jaguar.  While in Japan, they talk about volcanoes, and also get to meet some World War II veterans.

About the most interesting thing in this episode was the conversations with the war veterans.  A film crew is also there to make a movie about the American soldiers who fought there and the Christian legacy they have left their children.  That film, The League of Grateful Sons, can be purchased on DVD from Vision Forum.

The ‘science’ portion of the program focused on volcanoes.  There is a brief rundown on the various types of volcanoes and there is talk about how underwater volcanoes may have been the ‘fountains of the deep’ mentioned in the Bible that opened up during the Flood.  More about volcanoes can be found on wikipedia or any other site or books.

The idea that underwater volcanic activity is the cause of the Flood was mentioned and already addressed in Episode 4 and Episode 27.  Once again, the young-Earth Creationists assume that the Biblical account is factually correct and are trying to fit the evidence into their preconceptions.


The conversations with the war veterans was interesting and inspiring.  The adventure story which involved the men getting closer, but still not getting the Beowulf manuscript was tense and exciting.  Young children may find it frightening, and older listeners may find the plot a bit overdone and eyeroll-worthy, but it is probably still okay.

The information on different types on volcanoes is new; it is brief and probably okay for young listeners.  If using it as a science curriculum for older children, you may need to supplement with other sources. The idea that underwater volcanic activity is one of the sources for the Flood is a repeat from previous episodes.  It is only suggested as a possibility and not definite.

The search for the Beowulf manuscript continues…

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