Chinese New Year – Day One

The good news is I didn’t sweep or vacuum the house today.  It’s supposed to be bad luck, so I won’t complain.  Why it is bad luck is not clear to me. Apparently, if you sweep on New Year’s Day, you could be sweeping away good luck.  But dirt is bad, right? So, why can’t it be sweeping away bad luck?  Methinks perhaps someone who didn’t want to clean their house thought of this and put a bad-luck spin on it to make it sound authoritative.

The Chinese are known to be very superstitious.  There are lots of superstitions, but no one really knows their origin. ‘ We’ve always done it this way.’ ‘Well, I don’t really believe, but I think it is better to follow than to experience bad luck, just in case.’

Here is an interesting article about Chinese New Year superstitions.  I think it safe to say, if you are prone to fear and wanting to do the right thing lest you anger the gods, you’re better off NOT visiting that site.  The less one knows, the better.

Edited to add: 8:30pm. I caved.  The kitchen floor was dirty, so I swept up that bad stuff and put it in the bin.


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I am a Malaysian-born woman who is married to an Australian and now live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a mother to four children. I home school. I like reading, writing, and cooking -- not necessarily in that order. I care about grammar and spelling, but am nonchalant about the Oxford Comma. I try to follow Christ's teachings.

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