So, Just How Well-Established IS Young-Earth Creationism, Anyway?

Short Answer: Not well at all.

Long Answer:

There are several YEC organisations: Answers in Genesis/Creation Ministries International, Institute for Creation Research to name but a few.

There is a Creation Museum.

There are science textbooks published with a YEC worldview.

There is a CreationWiki page.

There is (even) a radio adventure series out to ‘provide children and adults with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God’. (Reviews here.)

Looks pretty impressive, right?

And now, plans are well under way to build a Creation Theme Park: Ark Encounter.

Todd Wood, one of the few YECs with any integrity at all, had this to say:

What do I think? Personally, I don’t really care. I can easily think of dozens hundreds thousands of more important projects to spend $150 million on, but it’s not my money. What is curious though is why they think they ought to do this. Clearly the governor and the investors are excited about the economic impact. But what’s in it for the rest of creationism? We still don’t have a comprehensive model to understand Flood geology, a topic that creationists often bitterly and angrily debate. We’re also deeply divided in our approach to biological problems (witness the tempest over hominid baraminology), and we don’t have a generally-accepted (among creationists) young-age creationist cosmogony. So what should we do? Let’s build a theme park!

So, according to Dr Wood:

Dr Todd Wood

Dr Todd Wood

(1) YECs do not have a comprehensive model to understand Flood geology.
(2) YECs are divided in their approach to biological problems.
(3) YECs don’t have a generally-accepted cosmogony [origins of the earth/universe] model.

Geology, biology, cosmogony.  Pretty big issues.

Do mainstream scientists agree on everything?  Of course not.  But, at least there are models that are pretty well-established and accepted by the general scientific community.


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  1. A very good and honest comment from Dr. Wood, however while the Darwinian world-view is “pretty well-established” and is accepted by a majority of the scientific community, there is a wide spectrum of beliefs about it. These range from the ultra-Darwinists such as Richard Dawkins, through to the Meta-Darwinists, who do not believe that natural selection is the primary mechanism of evolution, through to the Intelligent Design theorists who believe that evolution alone is insufficient to explain the complexity of life. The largest group, the Neo-Darwinists, probably manage to top 50% of the the scientific community, but even they have trouble defending their beliefs. While Darwinism provides a convenient framework for many different fields of science to hang their knowledge on, the proofs that underpin it are pretty sparse – a fact that is often overlooked amid the mess of competing theories Darwinism embraces.


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