Four Questions and an Announcement

First, the announcement:

Followers of this blog – both official and unofficial – will see that I have added a Facebook Like Box to my blog.  To be able to have a Facebook Like Box, one must first have a Facebook Page (which is not to be confused with one’s Facebook Profile).  So A Yewnique Life now has its own Facebook Page.

Now, the questions:

Why is it when I am in Facebook as “A Yewnique Life”, the Facebook Like Box does not show up; it only shows up if/when I am in my ‘Self’ mode?

Why do some of my friends appear twice in my Facebook Like Box? It looks so weird.  I know that I am not the only one experiencing this because a quick look through some other blogs that have the FB Like box has the same thing happening there, too.

Why is it SO hard to get started on the Facebook page?  (Well, I found it hard!)  I’m still not sure what I finally got right, but I’m all set up now.  That ‘Get started’ tab was really annoying me.  I realise it’s such a small thing, but I’m glad to see it finally gone.

Why do people write spam messages?  Consider this little gem that came into my spam box:

Which i please don’t post throughout Blogs and forums on the other hand website obligated me personally in order to, impressive operate. lovely.

I’m glad some blogs impressed you so much that you felt obligated to post a comment.  But I doubt my blogpost could have made such an impression.  Seriously.


About yewnique

I am a Malaysian-born woman who is married to an Australian and now live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a mother to four children. I home school. I like reading, writing, and cooking -- not necessarily in that order. I care about grammar and spelling, but am nonchalant about the Oxford Comma. I try to follow Christ's teachings.

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  1. I remember struggling a bit with the FB page when I started mine.

    I get a good laugh out of some of my spam comments, too.


    • Do you experience the same things I do (the ones I posed in my questions, esp, 1-2)? I noticed that you are still using the name that FB assigned you (it has all the numbers at the end).

      My biggest struggle was putting the Like Box up. I did it through here, but for some reason FB kept listing the ‘Add Like Box’ as something I hadn’t done. I tried for HOURS (literally) to make sense of their instructions, and I just didn’t get how to insert the code into my blog. (The sample Like Box they gave, one of the pictures was of Touchstone. Every time I went to that page to set up my Like Box, the pictures would be ‘refreshed’ but Touchstone’s picture would always be there!)

      I remember you writing a blogpost about some of your spam comments. That was what inspired me to make a mention of it here. 🙂


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