More Than One Moon

Astonomers have confirmed that there is more than one moon orbiting the earth.  Cool!



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  1. Is the recent Nova series on the cosmos available to you by Internet, on TV or DVD?

    I have to say this was probably about the most awesome 4 hours of television I’ve ever watched. The visual presentation and comparisons to help give people a better understanding of the nature of our Universe is better than any other piece of science education I’ve seen aimed at non-scientists. I hope updated versions will be available that I can watch with my kids when they get to an age where they can grapple with that level of science.

    Also, have you been following the experiment they are running on the composition of the moon based on I think it is gravitational analysis? Trying to determine whether the moon originated as a single body or is the combination of a collision of two large celestial bodies. The critical juncture was around New Year’s when when the two probes being used in the experiment were successfully guided into orbit. Over the next two years we are going to find out some awesome things about our moon from this work.


  2. I can’t view the videos on pbs ‘due to restrictions etc, etc’ but I think I found them on YouTube. Hooray for YouTube!

    For those who also can’t access pbs and would like to watch:

    Fabric: What is Space?
    Fabric: The Illusion of Time
    Fabric: Quantum Leap
    Fabric: Universe or Multi-universe

    Also, I haven’t been following the experiments that you mention.


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