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‘Disproving Popular Darwinist Myths’

This was written shortly after Jonathan Park: The Journey Never Taken (Volume 6) came out.

Pat Roy, the writer of Volume 6, participated in the discussion and the comments section is worth reading. In particular, I liked this comment from Charles.



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  1. I think the comments on that page simply prove that it’s impossible to get a darwinist to take a creationist seriously, not matter what they do. No wonder they can’t get their papers into peer-reviewed journals. Providing proofs, it would appear, doesn’t come into consideration – all creationists must be idiots to believe what they do, so why would we even bother looking at what they have to say?
    PR did his best to be civil and to handle the debate rationally and scientifically – all his opponents did was bag him for things he hadn’t said, while finding excuses not to answer his questions. It’s not a good look for the darwinists, and certainly hasn’t convinced me that they are into serious science; as PR said, it’s a bit like Galileo going up against the earth-centric majority.


  2. Charles wrote first:

    “In [the minds of the fundamentalists], all of those other Christians are not really Christians.”

    Charles wrote second:

    “The real Chritian faith is all about the heart, forgiveness, love, and peace—not the peace you get from falsely believing that you somehow measured up to the law better than usual on Tuesday. It is the peace that passes all understanding—the peace a child has when it goes to sleep in the arms of loving parents that the child trusts and does not fear. You and year friends are welcome to come down to the United Methodist Church and find that peace—and find the real Jesus too.”

    See both my comments at:

    Themes. They’re what’s for dinner.


  3. @Bill

    PR came onto a blog where people care about science and presented the same well-refuted creationist arguments against evolution. Creationists do this all the time, they wander on to some board where people who care about science have heard these arguments 1,000 times before, each time from a creationist who thinks they’ve got the “gotcha” hole they’ve culled from some creationist web site. That’s why PR was repeatedly directed to sites like talkorigins.

    “No wonder they can’t get their papers into peer-reviewed journals.”

    Creationists can’t get into peer reviewed journals because they don’t do science. The Discovery Institute folks try to get scientific-looking materials reviewed by scientists outside their field of specialization and thereby claim some kind of victory which has worked in the past but thanks to diligent efforts by those who would call them on it, they are less successful all the time:


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