Review: Jonathan Park: Ep. 71 – Hunt for the Priceless Treasure, Part 1

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Plot Summary

Legends of tunnels under the colleges of Cambridge, England have been told for years. Now, as the international Darwin celebration takes place in the city, the Creation Response Team discovers an underground world through an airlock beneath the River Cam. Every corner provides new challenges below as Benjamin and the Junior Response Team guide them from above. The world is watching as the teams wonder whether this secret passage may be the final resting place of the Polar Star Treasure! (Taken from here.)

Topics in this episode:

  • Julian Huxley
  • Jeremy Rifkin
  • Karl Marx
  • Socialism
  • Oulanem
  • Ernst Haeckel
  • G. Stanley Hall
  • Francis Galton
  • John Dewey
  • Adolf Hitler

There is NO Study Guide available for Volume 6 (Ep. 61-72).  You’re on your own!

Background Information

The Jonathan Park CDs are produced by Vision Forum Ministries. Through these CDs, VF hope to ‘provide children and adults with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God’. [Which raises the questions, ‘What does “in harmony” mean?’ and ‘What do they do with scientific evidence that is not in harmony with the Word of God?’]

Tagline: This is our Father’s world, God created it; we can explore it, so live the adventure!

NOTE: The producers of this series neglect to reference their information in any form.  No references is ever given either on the CD or in the Study Guide for ANY information presented in the series.  Even the voice actors of the series are not given any credit anywhere.  We only know that the series is a production of Vision Forum Ministries.


The characters find themselves on the final leg of the scavenger hunt and they go on a wild ride (literally) as they encounter men of the past who were influenced by evolutionary ideas and made their mark on the world by taking those ideas to their logical conclusions and presenting them to the world.  So hang on to your seats, because it’s going to be wild ride!

Topics in this episode:

Julian Huxley

In 1959, at the Darwin Centennial Celebration held at the University of Chicago, Julian Huxley basically said that we don’t need God.  Julian’s grandfather, Thomas Huxley, was so well-known for promoting Darwin’s work that he became known as ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’. Like his grandfather, Julian was a strong supporter of Darwin. At the Celebration, Julian said, ‘Darwin pointed out that no supernatural Designer was needed; since Natural Selection could account for any form of life, there was no room for any supernatural agency in its evolution.’

Jonathan says, ‘That just shows when you take evolutionary ideas to their logical conclusion, they ultimately deny God and His authority.’  (Cue the affirming noises from the other characters in the background.)


Response: This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.

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Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin, an economist, wrote a book called Algeny (1983), in which we wrote, ‘We no longer feel ourselves to be guests in someone else’s home, and therefore obliged to make our behaviors conform to a set of pre-existing cosmic rules. It is our creation now, we make the rules, we establish the parameters of reality….We create the world and because we do, we no longer feel beholden to outside forces. We no longer have to justify our behavior for we are now the architects of the universe, responsible to nothing outside ourselves.’

Martha says, ‘That’s just crazy!’

Dr Park says, ‘As people accept the idea that there is no God, we see great moral decline in this world.’


Response: Lacks context.

This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.


The Junior CRT investigate about Karl Marx.

Karl Marx

Although some of his earlier writings suggest that he was religious, he abandoned the Christian faith. He, together with others, formed the ideas that would later become Marxism. Marx himself admitted that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was important and served as a basis for Natural Selection for the class struggle in history. The various classes of society are in a struggle for the Survival of the Fittest. He believed that it was the responsibility of the workers to overthrow the upper class so that society could evolve in an upward spiral into socialism. (Cue the groans).


Response: This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.



Why is everybody sharing everything together bad? Marx felt that Darwin had provided the evidence that there is no God. In Marx’s socialism, Man becomes the authority, not God. That means that man alone decides what is right and wrong, what is allowed to be taught, who should be punished and who shouldn’t, who gets to live and who must die. It means man forces to live by his ideas and philosophies.  (Each of these sentences is punctuated with groans and murmurings at the end of each of them.)

Thad says, ‘We need to remember that God is sovereign and the One who provides for our needs –  not the government.’


Response:Not sure how Thad’s statement fits in with what was said.

There are many forms of Socialism.

I think this is Vision Forum’s ideology peeking through (to put it mildly): God is a Republican!

This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.



Marx once wrote a play about a man who sold his soul to the devil (cue the groans) called Oulanem, which is an anagram of Emmanuel. (11:30-12:02)

Response: This is true (although I had a heck of a time looking for information on it).  Marx wrote this play when he was only eighteen.

The play is available online here.

This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.


Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel is best known for his Theory of Recapitulation – as a baby develops it supposedly retraces the history of evolution. Can you imagine what it did to people who actually believed it? What Haeckel’s research had supposedly proven was that humans were nothing more than animals. It really devalued human life. And that is why to this very day some people claim that a baby is not really a human while it is developing inside its mother’s womb and that leads to all kinds of terrible things.

It was later proven that Haeckel was wrong and Haeckel himself admitted that he had ‘doctored’ the diagrams. But, by then, they had become a favourite proof for evolution that they continued to be used.


Response: This does not prove that evolutionary biology is therefore false.


G. Stanley Hall

G. Stanley Hall was a psychologist who was greatly influenced by Haeckel’s ideas. He said that as children grew to adulthood that they also trace the stages of evolution.  If children were misbehaving, they were only acting out their aggression of their ape ancestors and should not be disciplined ahead of their stage.


Response: This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.

I found the following on wikipedia about Hall’s educational philosophies to be interesting:

Women could be educated with motherhood in mind and the men could be educated in more hands on projects, helping them to become leaders of their homes.

This is exactly what the Patriarchy movement teaches!


Francis Galton

Francis Galton is the person who coined the term eugenics – the horrible idea that the weak and undesirable people should be eliminated so that the strong would survive. Eugenics was practiced in many countries. Basically, it was taking evolutionary from just theory to real-life practices. Instead of trusting God, it was man who decided who lived and who didn’t.


Response: This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.


John Dewey

John Dewey was one of most influential men in modern education. He believed that evolution had proven that there was no God and there were no absolutes. As a result, education began to teach millions and millions of children that truth can change and adapt as we continue to evolve.

Dewey was also the main forces behind the Human Manifesto, a declaration that we were going to replace the old system of belief in God with a new system of belief in man.

They officially proclaimed that science had conclusively proven there was no God.


Response: This has nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.


Adolf Hitler

Hitler took evolutionary ideas and took them to the extreme. Millions died as Hitler tried to eliminate the Jewish race. Many evolutionists are offended when Creationists point out that Hitler was only carrying out evolution. These evolutionists like to point out that the Bible was really the foundation for Hitler’s thinking.

Hitler can say what he wanted, but what were his actions based on – the Bible or evolution? If they were truly based on the Bible, he would have seen that we are all equal. So it was evolution that was his foundation! Much of Hitler’s thinking was based on evolutionary ideas. He once said that the Germans were a higher race, destined for a glorious future.  This is clearly in harmony with Darwin’s ideas.

So, although Hitler may have said that he was on a mission for God, his actions were clearly in line with his evolutionary worldview.


Response: The Bible clearly states that the Jews are God’s ‘chosen people’.  God commanded his Chosen People to go into other people’s lands and to conquer and subdue them, if not outright kill them all.

Furthermore, this has absolutely nothing to do with whether evolutionary biology is right or not.



At the end, we find out that the cameraman who is following the CRT on this final leg of the scavenger hunt is the unbelieving brother of Alan Bracewell, the great(x4)-grandson of Newton Bracewell, the original creator of the first part of the scavenger hunt.  Like his ancestor, Alan is now a believer and has sent his brother, Robert, on this trip with the CRT with the hopes that he, too, would see the evidence for the Creator.  I don’t have a good impression of this kind of behaviour.

Myles Morgan comes back again.  We also find out that Mitch (a UK citizen) was arrested by the FBI.  (How does that work??)


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