Lessons From the Titanic

It has been almost 100 years since the Titanic made her fateful and memorable voyage.

Over the years, many people have been fascinated by the famous passenger liner that never made it to her destination.  The story of the Titanic has endured through many books, films, memorials, museums and others.

Vision Forum feels that the Titanic has an important message. So, what is it that Vision Forum wants us to learn from the Titanic?

In Jonathan Park, Ep. 30 – The Temple of the Moon, Part 2 (a production of Vision Forum), the Titanic is specifically mentioned as an example of human pride and arrogance and how God will not tolerate man coming together to make a name for themselves and say, “We don’t need God.”

Got that?

Okay. Moving on.

In commemoration of the Titanic’s Centennial, many events are being held around the globe, and Vision Forum also wants in on the action. According to Vision Forum,

But only one international event will be dedicated to presenting a distinctively Christian message with a historical interpretation designed to inspire the next generation to embrace and advance the ideal that men should sacrifice for women and children.

So, what is it that Vision Forum wants us to learn from the Titanic?

One of their projects is the Christian Boys’ and Men’s Titanic Society.  The following excerpts show what they think we can learn from the Titanic:

What makes the story of the R.M.S. Titanic so important is the men who lived out the expression “women and children first.” From first class gentlemen to 16-year-old cabin boys, from boiler room workers to Wallace Hartley and his musicians—all perished for women and children.

Where did this rule which prevailed in the sinking of the Titanic come from? It comes from God through faith of Jesus of Nazareth. It is the ideal of self-sacrifice. It is the rule that the strong ought to bear the infirmities of those that are weak.

While it is true that the ‘doctrine’ of ‘women and children first’ was practiced on the Titanic, in reality, it caused more problems later.  When these families lost their sole bread-winner, they had no means of supporting themselves and had to be dependent on charity.

Furthermore, although it is correct to say that more men died than women and children overall, it is important to note the highest survival rates came from women and children in First Class.  More than half of the women and children in Third Class died.

Today, Christians need to see exactly where feminism and evolution have taken us—into a world where it is every person for themselves in a struggle for the survival of the fittest.

Sure – blame it on feminism and evolution.  In the case of the Titanic, it wasn’t really a case of the survival of the fittest, but survival of the richest.

Person category Number aboard Percentage saved Percentage lost Number saved Number lost
Children, First Class 6 83% 17% 5 1
Children, Second Class 24 100% 0% 24 0
Children, Third Class 79 34% 66% 27 52
Women, First Class 144 97% 3% 140 4
Women, Second Class 93 86% 14% 80 13
Women, Third Class 165 46% 54% 76 89
Men, First Class 175 33% 67% 57 118
Men, Second Class 168 8% 92% 14 154
Men, Third Class 462 16% 84% 75 387
Women, Crew 23 87% 13% 20 3
Men, Crew 885 22% 78% 192 693
Total 2224 32% 68% 710 1514

(Taken from wikipedia)

One hundred years after the sinking of the Titanic, this message is more relevant than ever. It is a reminder of what separates Christian civilization from everything else.

‘Women and children first’ separates Christian civilisation from everything else?  Really?

So, what is it that Vision Forum wants us to learn from the Titanic?

Help us give a message to the world that, though many have forgotten the bravery of those men who made the ultimate sacrifice aboard Titanic in April of 1912, we will not forget.

Um..hello!!  Women and children died, too.  Have you forgotten them?

Lastly, just in case you thought you might miss out because you are not a male, they have organised an Edwardian Ladies’ Tea,  aka “First Class Ladies’ tea”, for women, young ladies and their dolls.  (Supposedly, these are the ladies and children who have a higher chance of survival.)

So, what is it that Vision Forum wants us to learn from the Titanic?


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