One of the things that Master 10 is learning about in Science this year is Cohesion/Adhesion using the TOPS workbook. TOPS is a great tool for teaching science, with hands-on experiments using (mostly) everyday household objects, or items that can be easily and economically purchased.  This makes it ideal for homeschoolers.  As an extra bonus, all student activity pages are reproducible for use within one classroom/family.  Furthermore, you are also permitted to resell your book once you no longer have any use for it. The authors do, however, request that either you or the buyer (or both!) consider making a small donation to their not-for-profit organisation.

This is what Master 10 made a few days ago.  The page was photocopied from the book and carefully cut and stretched over a disposable plate.  The book said ‘paper plate’ but we only had plastic ones and thought it would work just as well (if not better) for the purpose.

Water Molecules

Water Molecules 127  million times actual size


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