Animals and Farms

In which I ramble a bit about farming and how it fits in (or not) in the young-Earth Creationism worldview.

In our Science lessons, we’ve been studying when humans started agriculture/farming. Mainstream science teaches that modern humans have been around for about 200,000 years leading a hunter-gatherer nomadic lifestyle.  It was only about 10,000 years ago that humans started farming.

Farming, apparently, is not that smart a move.  One has to plant and wait for the harvest, which may or may not be successful; it is a risky venture. Furthermore, gram for gram, agricultural products do not provide as much energy as animal products.

So, what’s the deal? Is this an example of humans getting dumber and dumber, hence proving that evolution isn’t happening because, according to evolution, humans are supposed to be getting smarter and smarter?

According to Vision Forum’s Jonathan Park Audio Adventure Series, Episode 14, Martha Brenan tells Jonathan that there is evidence for creation by looking at the history of farming.  Evolutionists believe that man split off from apes about 3 million years ago, and slowly became smarter and smarter.  During the Stone Age about 100,000 years ago, mankind wasn’t able to farm; they were strictly hunters and gatherers.  Evolution puts the beginning of farming at around 10,000 years ago.  This means that mankind wandered around for 90,000 years hunting and gathering.  Angela appeals to Jonathan’s common sense by asking whether it seems likely that man would have figured out how to farm sooner.  Jonathan agrees and says that it does seem ridiculous. (In case you’re wondering, this was taken pretty much word for word from the audio.)

I am still unclear how the history of farming is evidence for young-Earth Creation.  It is merely an Argument from Incredulity. Young-Earth Creationists would do well to avoid following the Jonathan Park characters’ example here. Just because something seems incredible does not necessarily mean it must therefore be untrue.

Also, from the small exchange here, it appears that the characters regard farming to be a smart move – something that humans would have figured out from the Beginning, and indeed have been doing since then.

If one were to look to the Bible for insight into this, one will see that Adam and Eve and all the animals pre-Fall were strictly vegan. Some people use this to promote a vegan/vegetarian diet. It was only after the Fall that humans started eating meat.  And, according to this website*, when our teeth changed/adapted to our changed diet. I suppose that was when our bodies also evolved adapted to functioning better on a high-protein diet?

* a LOT of poor science there!



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