Hamming It Up

Ken Ham, the founder and the president of Answers in Genesis has been extremely critical of how Christianity in general has embraced worldliness. In a video which explores why churches are experiencing falling attendance, he claims:

“I see an emphasis on music and entertainment, but no real emphasis on Bible teaching, and if the Bible is taught at all it’s usually for a very short time.”

Of course, not fully embracing young-Earth Creationism, which is the right and proper thing to do, is also blamed for young people leaving.

Let’s see what else Ken Ham has been up to.

The Creation Museum, a venue aimed at educating people from a biblical creationist viewpoint of history, is in financial trouble and struggling to make ends meet. With declining attendance, the museum has begun to veer into new ventures such as ziplines and sky bridge attractions in order to draw crowds. The biblically themed museum has also taken up a new exhibit dedicated to asking the question of whether dinosaurs were actually dragons. When asked what dragons and ziplines have to do with the museums mission, Mike Zovath the co-founder and vice-president claims that they are irrelevant. (Source) (Emphasis mine)

More about the Creation Museum here.  Prepare to be dazzled, I mean believe.

Mike Zovath, senior vice president of Answers in Genesis which owns and operates the museum, said the zip line course is designed to broaden the attraction’s appeal.

“We think it will draw a lot of young people that are looking for something exciting and fun to do,” Zovath said. “The longest is a 1,700-foot, double zip line that extends from an adjacent property, through the woods and across a ravine.”

The first stage of the zip line course is located next to the entrance to the Creation Museum and features a 650-foot dual racing zip line that extends across a lake.

It connects to an aerial park, which includes 12 canopy bridges that allow visitors to walk along the treetops, a kid’s line for young children, and a challenge course.

“It should be three-to-four hours of non-stop fun for visitors,” Zovath said. “We’re also going to have some information about the different trees and plant species, so there will be a little bit of educational value as well, but it’s mostly an adrenaline rush.” (Source) (Emphasis mine)

So you’re trying to lure people to come to your ‘ministry’ by employing methods which you claim are driving people away from churches? How does that work?



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  1. The Creation Museum just put a billboard up on the state highway I take to and from work. So depressing.


  2. Take comfort that there are people praying (some of them Christians) that the Creation Museum will fail.


  3. Well, since I don’t believe prayer in and of itself does anything, I suppose I’ll have to be satisfied that those praying for the museum to fail are at the least not actively supporting it.


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