Egg Tarts

Made these a while ago.  Found the pics in my Pictures folder and decided to post them.


3 cups plain flour
185g lard
5 tbsp hot water
pinch of salt

3 eggs
1/3 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup milk
few drops yellow food colouring

1. Sift flour and salt into a bowl. Rub lard into flour until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.

2. Mix in hot water to form a firm dough. Knead lightly on lightly floured surface.

3. Roll out to 3mm thickness and cut out with an 8cm fluted cutter. Place into greased patty tins.

4. To make custard, beat together eggs and sugar. Gradually add milk. Mix in food colouring. Mix well. Pour mixture carefully into pastry cases.

5. Bake in hot oven (250-260C) for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to moderately hot (220-230C) for a further 10-15 minutes until set. (All temperatures are for electric ovens. Gas oven temperatures will vary.)


About yewnique

I am a Malaysian-born woman who is married to an Australian and now live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a mother to four children. I home school. I like reading, writing, and cooking -- not necessarily in that order. I care about grammar and spelling, but am nonchalant about the Oxford Comma. I try to follow Christ's teachings.

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  1. Aw, man, why you gotta close comments?

    “The best a creationist can say is, ‘Some creationists believe that, but I/we don’t.’”

    But if you take away their ability to move the goalpost what do they have left?

    Egg tarts look good.


  2. Sneaky! 😛

    Because you said the egg tarts look nice (trying to keep the comment relevant to the post?), I’ve opened up comments.


  3. Do you think ‘evolutionists’ (or anyone else) move the goalposts, too?

    BTW, since I opened up the post, there are comments on it now.


  4. I dunno, I kind of like posting somewhere Philip isn’t. I can only take so much projection, cognitive dissonance, and scientific ignorance. After all, were *you* there when light left a distant star 50,000 ly away? *sigh* I perused his comments in the now-opened comments and I just don’t care enough about his drivel to get into it.

    “Do you think ‘evolutionists’ (or anyone else) move the goalposts, too?”

    I don’t. That’s not to say science “has all the answers”, it doesn’t work that way–and it’s not supposed to. But what there is is a huge body of evidentiary-based, peer-reviewed research and claims can be measured against. They can even be proven wrong, but they have to be proven wrong on a level playing field, which is to say creationists would have to do basic research that lines up with the measured, observable evidence and show how their hypotheses fit the evidence better. That work should stand up to peer (scientific) review. Such a body of work does not exist.

    What creationists like to do is compare the alternative theories proposed in contemporary and advanced research into evolution (are evolutionary changes like a straight graph line, or a series of jumps and plateaus [punctuated equilibrium]) and compare it to the varying creationism and YEC frameworks and say “See! They don’t agree with each other either! Who can say, then, really, it’s all just the same”, see, e.g., false equivalence, or Asimov’s The Relativity of Wrong (available via Google)–not all differences are qualitatively equal in degree.


  5. (btw this is nice, I could make a habit of hijacking adjacent food-related posts)


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