Doug Phillips Still President of Vision Forum and Elder of His Church

In case you haven’t heard, Doug Phillips has resigned as the President of Vision Forum Ministries after admitting to an affair.

Doug Phillips has only resigned from Vision Forum Ministries, however.  At the time of writing this, he is still the President of Vision Forum, Inc, and an elder at his church, Boerne Christian Assembly. Vision Forum, Inc. and his blog make no mention at all about his resignation from Vision Forum Ministries.

In order to be consistent, Doug Phillips needs to step down from ALL his positions of authority. I find his continuing on as an elder at his church to be particularly troubling.

Where is the accountability?

If Doug Phillips resigns from Vision Forum Ministries but continues to hold leadership positions at Vision Forum, Inc. and his church, what message does that send?


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  1. Yes, hopefully this will not go unnoticed and people will question him about it.


  2. I agree about the church but as far as Vision Forum maybe it is because that is how he makes a living? He still needs to support his family. Just guessing !!!!


  3. Tim, since his resignation from Vision Forum Ministries is now public knowledge, I sincerely hope that people WILL question DP about his other positions.


  4. Pam, I did think about VF, Inc. as being a business and perhaps that is why he is still able to retain his position there. It’s separate from the Ministry side of things.

    However, I believe the distinction is for taxation purposes. I would think that for most people, there really isn’t that much difference between VFM and VF Inc.

    He could do what he did at VFM – step down from his role as President and be a ‘foot soldier’.

    He should absolutely step down from being a church elder.


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