Fish in Cheong Cheng Sauce

This is one of my favourite fish dishes. It is a popular dish found in many Chinese Malaysian restaurants.  The fish typically used there is tilapia and it is steamed with this beautiful sauce accompaniment.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I found the actual name of the sauce AND a recipe for it!!  Woo Hoo!!

Unfortunately, I could not find a YouTube video of someone making it from scratch – I learn best by watching – so I had to rely on written information.  The YouTube video showed someone cooking it using ready-made Cheong Cheng sauce from a packet!  Sacrilegious!

I followed the recipe found on this website.  I doubled the recipe and modified it to cups for things that I find easier to measure that way.


Fish (either a whole fish or fish fillets with skin on)

3/4 cup shallots, chopped finely
3/4 cup garlic, chopped finely
1/4 cup ginger, chopped finely
1/4 cup pickled leeks, chopped finely
2-3 large tablespoons sambal oeleck
1 cup plum sauce
1 cup fermented soya bean paste (ground)
200ml oil (I used lard)

For garnish:
Deep fried pieces of pork fat
Chopped coriander leaves


Make sure you get all the ingredients ready to go before cooking.

1. Heat up cooking oil, sauté finely chopped shallots, garlic and ginger until fragrant.
2. Add in the remaining ingredients and bring to boil.
3. Remove from heat.

Easy peasy!

To steam fish

I usually buy boneless fish fillets with skin on and I don’t have a platter big enough to steam all at once.  So, I do my steaming in the oven.

1. Score the fish fillets and place in deep baking dish.
2. Pour Cheong Cheng Sauce over fish.
3. Cover the dish with aluminium foil.
4. Bake in pre-heated oven at 180C for about 20 minutes.

Garnish with deep fried pieces of pork fat and chopped coriander leaves.

Fish with Cheong Cheng Sauce

Fish with Cheong Cheng Sauce

The whole family enjoyed it!


About yewnique

I am a Malaysian-born woman who is married to an Australian and now live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a mother to four children. I home school. I like reading, writing, and cooking -- not necessarily in that order. I care about grammar and spelling, but am nonchalant about the Oxford Comma. I try to follow Christ's teachings.

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