The Board of Vision Forum Ministries Announces the Closing of Vision Forum Ministries

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The sooner the truth comes out, the better.

Spiritual Sounding Board

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There is more unrest at Vision Forum as the Board of Vision Forum Ministries today announced the closing of Vision Forum (VF) Ministries.  This announcement comes 12 days after Doug Phillips announced his resignation from VF as president, and allegedly nine months after Phillips stepped down from his pastoral role as “teaching elder” at Boerne Christian Assembly.

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The Closing of Vision Forum Ministries

In light of the serious sins which have resulted in Doug Phillips’s resignation from Vision Forum Ministries, the Board of Directors has determined that it is in the best interests of all involved to discontinue operations. We have stopped receiving donations, and are working through the logistical matters associated with the closing of the ministry. While we believe as strongly as ever in the message of the ministry to the Christian family…

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  1. The guy is a complete tool, even in his not-pologies.

    Doug Wilson is also a tool, as he is clearly laying the seeds to blame the victim.

    The comments to every post are just littered with the scattered theology of people who all believe their own thing, and all have their little Bible verses to back up their pet interpretation. For crying out loud, if gravity worked like that we’d all be floating in space.


  2. Did you know that if you did a Google search for ‘Doug Phillips is a…’ that ‘Doug Phillips is a tool’ is one of the top results? No lie. Doug Wilson, however, is not. According to Google, the top result is ‘racist’.

    What you say about the different theological interpretations is right.

    I won’t lie here. I am watching all this like watching a train wreck.


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