Review: Jonathan Park: Ep. 76 – Journey to a Thousand Fathoms, Part 2

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Plot Summary

The Creation Response Team joins their eccentric host, Alexander DeMarcus, aboard the electromagnetic submarine The Manta as they embark to study the mysteries of the deep. But will they be able to survive the attack of a giant squid? And why would Alexander allow The Manta drift into the dangerous waters and extreme temperatures of a volcanic vent? (Taken from here.)


  • Starlight Problem and Faith
  • Barreleye Fish
  • Whale-bone Eaters and Symbiosis
  • Black Smokers

Background Information

The Jonathan Park CDs are produced by Vision Forum Ministries. Through these CDs, VF hope to ‘provide children and adults with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God’. [Which raises the questions, ‘What does “in harmony” mean?’ and ‘What do they do with scientific evidence that is not in harmony with the Word of God?’]

Tagline: This is our Father’s world, God created it; we can explore it, so live the adventure!

NOTE: The producers of this series neglect to reference their information in any form.  No references is ever given either on the CD or in the Study Guide for ANY information presented in the series.  Even the voice actors of the series are not given any credit anywhere.  We only know that the series is a production of Vision Forum Ministries.



Starlight Problem and Faith

The Story: Jonathan shares with Jessie that he does not know how to answer Kirk’s distant starlight problem.  Jessie tells him that whenever we face questions we don’t understand, we need to go back to the Bible and trust that God’s Word is true, even when we don’t fully understand. Even with all the answers we have, there are still things we don’t understand and maybe never will, because we are humans with finite knowledge. But our faith is never blind because it is based on God’s revelation to us – the Bible. True science is in harmony with God’s Word, even if there’s things we don’t understand.

Jonathan quotes Romans 1:17.


The Facts: Here we go, again. The Bible is not a science book.  It is a book of faith.

Why is it no one in this series ever suggests that their interpretation of the Bible could be wrong?

The YEC mantra is that if something is in harmony with God’s Word, then it is science, otherwise, it is not. Only YEC scientists do Real Science, because they are trying to find evidence that is in harmony with God’s Word. Evolutionists do not do real science because they don’t believe in God. Even the church has adopted a lot of ‘evolutionistic heresies’ and had tried to justify it biblically, but YECists are working hard to uphold the truth held in God’s Word.

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Barreleye Fish

The Story: The ladies observe a barreleye fish while aboard The Manta. Barreleye fish are known to dwell in temperate oceans at depths of 1200 ft to more than 8000 ft. [rounded to 400 – 2500 metres]. Its eyes are the tubular-like structures under the clear dome; the green discs are the lenses. Its diet consists of a certain bioluminescent jellyfish. With its eyes pointing upwards, the barreleye fish can find the jellyfish above and dive upward and dine on its stinging tentacles. Its vision is completely protected under the dome. The green lenses also help the fish to see better under the deep ocean. It also has incredibly well-designed muscle and bone structure engineered so that it can rotate its tubular eyes forward

YEC Propoganda Alert (cue the soft, uplifting music and affirming noises from the other characters in the background): Angela Park says, ‘God’s creativity is SO spectacular…Can you imagine trying to explain how such an intricate creature could have come about by random chance?? Even if evolution were possible, how did a fish like this survive while waiting for generations of unique eyes and crystal-clear domes to evolve? It would have died out long before!’

Martha Brenan says, ‘Once again, it points to a Designer, not random chance.’


The Facts:

The CRT ladies are making an Argument from Design or a Teleological Argument.  It is a logical fallacy and should not be used.  Here is a link to all the posts which contain ‘teleological arguments’.

Evolution is NOT a process of random chance.  This argument gets used over and over ad nausuem in this series. The response to this is here.

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Whalebone Eaters and Symbiosis

The Story: While out in a mini-submarine, Dr Park, Jonathan and Kirk see worm-like creatures feeding on a whale bone. The crew member informs them that they are called whale-bone eaters.

The crew member talks a bit about symbiosis – the mutually beneficial relationship between two organisms. Inside the worms are bacterium that eat away at the whale bone. These worms are the only symbiots we know that have the ability to extract lipids, the fats from the whale bone. The worms provide the bacterium a place to live and the bacterium do the work to extract the food.

Dr Park talks about a find in California. Using evolutionary dating assumptions, the bones were determined to be 30 million years old, about the time evolutionists believe whales first began to inhabit the oceans. These whale bones had bore holes from whale-bone eaters. As they investigated these bore holes, they came to the conclusion that these worms have remained unchanged for 30 million years. So it begs the question, ‘How did these appear fully complete in the first place? And then, didn’t change for 30 million years afterwards?’

On the other hand, Creationists have a better explanation.  Whales have always been whales from the very start, and whale-bone eaters were designed to fill this special niche of eating whale bones in this way only thousands of years ago.


The Facts:

You can read more about the whale-bone eaters, also known as Osedax, here.

Dr Park is Arguing from Incredulity. He also uses the phrase ‘begs the question’ incorrectly. (This is a oft-misused phrase and is already gaining recognition as meaning ‘raises the question’, so it’s probably a losing battle.)

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Black Smokers

The Story: The mini-sub is at the North Atlantic Ocean somewhere in between  to take one of the vents to take back to the Creation Museum as a display.

The guys observe worms, anthropods (sic)  and gastropods living on the surface of the black smoker. The creatures in the ecosystem found here finds its energy from the earth’s mantle; instead of photosynthesis, these creatures rely on chemosynthesis. Anthropods (sic) and gastropods feed on the smaller animals and that energy is passed on as well.

The amazing thing about this particular location is that it appears to have its own unique ecosystem when compared to other vents around the world. The bacteria are different – each ecosystem seems to have adapted to the hot vents in its own way. Vents like the ones here often go dead and new ones start later.

Dr Park marvels, ‘Can you imagine the intricate genetic information packed into the original created type of these creatures that would allow them such an ability to live here in this harsh environment?’

Mr Henson (the mini-sub pilot) says, ‘I agree! It boggles the mind to think that animals just randomly fill a niche like this! It’s much more scientific to claim that there was a genetic plan for such environments from the beginning.’


The Facts: Evolution is not a random, chance process.

Dr Park and Mr Henson are both making teleological arguments.

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A large portion of the show was dedicated to drama. Last episode, Kirk tampered with some of the submarine’s wiring.  This comes back to bite him when he goes out on the mini-submarine and it gets into trouble. The ride becomes rocky and things start fall.  Dr Park saves Kirk from being hit by oxygen tanks.

Later, a giant squid gets a hold of the mini-sub and attempts to take it deeper into the ocean, threatening all those on board. Mr DeMarcus saves them by ‘stinging’ the squid with part of the submarine’s equipment.  The squid lets go of its hold of the mini-sub and proceeds to grab hold of The Manta. DeMarcus heads towards the extreme temperatures of the black smoker to ‘shock’ the squid into letting go.

Christian and his father, Dr Victor, are invited to the opening of the Special Display at the Creation Museum.

The ending remarks make a special mention of the ‘Christian Victor’ family for their generous donation towards the Jonathan Park Project and for their guest appearances.  The names could be fictitious (Christian Victor?), but then again, it could be real.

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