Noah May Or May Not Have Gotten SAD

but Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis are probably feeling a little blue that they still haven’t raised enough money for their ark project.

Tickets to the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate have sold out, but you can still reserve a live video stream for $4.99. The stream is free with pre-orders of debate DVDs and/or digital downloads ranging from $12.99 to $24.99.

If one million people buy the DVDs and/or digital downloads, I think the ark project might actually get off the ground.

I do not want to give AiG my email address, let alone my money. I DO want to know how the debate goes, but I doubt I would be able to properly assess what is being said. Thankfully, many others who ARE able to will be watching and will be ready to give a more articulate response.


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    Interesting quotes from Nye in this interview that may or may not synch with where the information above originated. Interview Friday, 1/17/14.

    Q: “Do you feel that having the debate on Ken’s turf puts you on an uneven playing field, and how will that affect or shape your argument?”

    A: “It’ll be good for him to have his supporters around him. I believe my audience will be on line. It will be livestreamed by MSNBC.”

    Q: “The ticket price for the debate has many of my friends concerned that the proceeds will go to the Creation Museum. Where will the money go?”

    A: “‘m getting paid at a rate that, I believe, overwhelms any profit that would have gone to that facility. I will donate all of that money to organizations interested in a better future. Three organizations at least will benefit: the National Council for Science Eduation (NCSE), the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), and The Planetary Society.”

    If MSNBC is going to live stream, and Nye charged a material appearance fee, I doubt the finances are going to work out for Ham as well as he would have hoped. There are enough good debates out there that I doubt he will sell as many copies of the debate as he’s hoping.


  2. Thanks for that, hktelemacher! Has there been a lot of talk of this over there in the US? I doubt very many people in the general public here know anything about this at all, except those who keep up with Ken Ham and his shenanigans.

    Of the three organisations that Bill Nye mentioned, I am aware of the National Council for Science Education.



    “The live stream will be available to watch on this page, and it is being hosted by Google+ Hangouts On Air through YouTube. Furthermore, the live stream will be available for free on YouTube for a period of time after the debate.”

    I won’t get to watch live (coaching one of my daughter’s sports teams), but hopefully it will be up late tonight EST and I’ll be able to catch up. Probably will also watch twitter traffic, especially if there’s a hashtag to filter the stream.


  4. I watched it. Thanks!


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