State Election 2014

Today Victorians went to the polls. Voting is compulsory here and there is preferential voting. This means that voting is not merely a matter of putting an ‘X’ or checkmark next to one’s preferred candidate, but putting down numbers next to the candidates’ names in order of one’s preference.

As a full-fledged adult, Jeremy voted for the first time today. As an aside, he has yet to fulfill his 120 hours of driving practice as a learner driver. As of today, he has one hour to go. (As you can see, every sentence in this paragraph so far starts with the word ‘As’.) We were wondering which would come first: Voting or Getting his Probationary Licence. Looks like ‘Voting’ won.

Mark and Jeremy walked to the local primary school which was where the polling station was. Miss Eight wanted to see what it was all about so we followed along. (I am ‘only’ a PR and therefore not eligible to vote.) We got there at about 11am and saw lots of people and TV cameras.

At this point I should point out that the MP for our seat is the current opposition leader, Daniel Andrews. It was Mr Andrews who had turned up, with his wife, to vote. In my haste to leave the house, I left everything at home, and did not have anything on me with which to take some photos! Argh!

While we were there, Mr Andrews’ opponent, Mr Robert Davies, also turned up to vote.  Not for the first time, I said, “Should have brought my camera!”

Daniel Andrews at Albany Rise PS State Election 2014

Photo Daniel Andrews at Albany Rise PS State Election 2014

Photo taken from state political correspondent Richard Willingham’s article in The Age here.

The man in the light blue polo and the young man standing next to him are my husband and oldest son respectively. I am standing by the bush/tree on the left. My face is covered by someone’s cap.

It was a beautiful, warm day and there were lots of people at that time. Remember, voting is compulsory so everyone eligible to vote would have turned up at one point or another.


UPDATE: We have a change in state government. Daniel Andrews is now our State Premier.


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