That Other Megan Fox

In case you’ve missed it, a conservative Christian home-schooling mom (CCHSM) named Megan Fox visited a museum and audited it for bias. (Being somewhat culturally illiterate, I didn’t know there was another Megan Fox.) CCHSM Megan Fox posted a 30-minute video of herself going around the museum critiquing the signs and boards.

It is a very long 30 minutes and I watched the whole thing! (I feel I should get a medal or something. Maybe a paracetamol tablet would be better. Or two.)

The description of the video says it all if you don’t/can’t bear to watch the whole thing:

In this episode (“Field Museum”), Megan Fox toured the Chicago Field Museum’s “Evolving Earth” exhibit to audit it for bias. She found many examples of inconsistencies and the Field Museum’s insistence that people support opinion as fact without proof. The Field Museum pushes certain theories as if they are absolute proven law when that is not how the scientific method works. She found enough bias to show that the people who put this exhibit together at the Field Museum pushed an agenda with quasi-religious overtones: the cult of “science” where the “scientists” are more like high priests pushing a religion instead of using the correct scientific method. Aside from having time machines, there is no way these people can be this certain about things they speculate happened millions of years ago before recorded history.

Ms Fox (the CCHSM, not the other one) has, quite reasonably, disabled the comments section in her video. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped people from discussing it elsewhere. Mostly, they are saying what a moron she is, how sorry they feel for her children because Ms Fox is home schooling them with the ideas espoused in the video.

Dear Ms Fox,

I am also a home-schooling mom, and, like you, I also subscribe to the Christian faith.

By now, you are probably aware of the attention your 30-minute video of your museum audit has on the internet. I’m not sure what you think of what people are saying. Perhaps, you don’t care what other people are saying. More than once, I’ve heard Christians say, “I don’t worry about what others think; I am more concerned about what God thinks.” Perhaps that sentiment resonates with you.

I started out writing the above Open Letter to Ms Fox, but got stuck. I was going to gently encourage her to rethink how she comes across to the general public and how her tirade makes her look stupid how her information was not accurate. I hoped to nudge her in the direction of online articles that would give her information on evolution that would be simple enough for her to understand. But I was in a quandary.

How much would the information on evolution have to be watered down for her to understand? More importantly, would she even accept the information? Would she scoff, “I am certain that evolution is wrong”?

Before I had a chance to draft my letter, I found out that that she’s expanded her auditing skills to include the zoo and put the videos (about half a dozen) up on YouTube. It appears that Ms Fox’s antics are reminiscent of a highly-evolved form of a Hydra. Oops, did I say ‘evolve’? I meant, uh, adapted. Unlike the Original Kind that only grew two heads when one was cut off, Ms Fox manages to produce SIX videos when one is ‘destroyed’.

(By the way, Hydras are most likely real animals because there are stories about them and people have even drawn pictures of them!)

Here is Part I of the Zoo Audit:

Apparently, in Part 2, she talks about Zambibia (at the 6:46 mark).

I don’t know about you, but her rambling reminded me of the Miss Teen USA 2007 contestant from South Carolina.




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