Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Today is the eve of the Lunar New Year and that means it is time for the Big Family Reunion Dinner. Mark and Jeremy were scheduled to go to a Little Athletics meeting tonight. Tomorrow night there is going to be a Twilight for Little Aths. Friday night the children have Youth Group and I have choir practice. It was beginning to look like our Reunion Dinner wasn’t going to happen.

Last year, Chinese New Year Eve fell on Thursday which also happened to coincide with a Twilight as well. I managed to whip up something last year.

On Monday, the guys learned that the committee meeting had to be rescheduled. This meant that CNY Dinner could go ahead!


Clockwise from top: Chinese Broccoli (kailan) with oyster sauce; Asparagus with Prawns; Prawn Crackers; Cabbage, Carrots, Glass Vermicelli Stir-Fry; BBQ Pork (Char Siew); Roast Pork (Siew Yoke); Roast Duck; Szechuan Eggplant and Tofu.

Centre: Fish with Cheong Cheng Sauce


About yewnique

I am a Malaysian-born woman who is married to an Australian and now live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a mother to four children. I home school. I like reading, writing, and cooking -- not necessarily in that order. I care about grammar and spelling, but am nonchalant about the Oxford Comma. I try to follow Christ's teachings.

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