About Yewnique

About this blog:

I hope to put down my thoughts on being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a Christian, a teacher, a friend, a woman, etc….

I’m a Chinese-Malaysian married to an Australian, living in Melbourne. I am a Christian and I’m a stay-at-home mother who is also homeschooling her four children.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics but cannot tell you anything beyond a Demand and a Supply curve! 😉 At the moment, I am interested in exploring issues in Education, Faith,  and Creation/Evolution.  (Not a single Supply or Demand Curve to be found there!)

I enjoy a good discussion and learning more.  So, all visits and comments are very welcome!

  1. I stumbled across your blog fairly randomly. (While doing a Google search on fulgurites of all things.) I just wanted to say it’s rather interesting and that you have some lucky kids. Often I feel kinda sad when I hear about children being homeschooled based on what I know of the parents. In your case I find it likely it’s a very good thing.


    • Hi, Michael.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I must have chosen the ‘right’ photo of the fulgurite for my blog because that photo has brought in the most visitors! It probably isn’t what most people are looking for when they are doing a search for fulgurites, but some people have looked around after stumbling in.

      We hope homeschooling our children will turn out to be a good thing. Thanks for the encouraging words!


  2. Stumbled across your site and appreciated what I read here and then was fascinated to see that you had some experience with Sonlight curriculum.

    Although a Christian, I was going to choose a secular curriculum because my thoughts on evolution/creation are much similar to yours. And my sense was that most Christian curriculum do not leave room for anything other than YEC.

    Also a Canadian living in the US, I’m fine if my children learn US history. But sometimes Christian curriculum can feel very “god and country,” Christianity is equated with the American dream.

    So I’m curious what your experience has been like with Sonlight in regard to these two concerns.


    • Hi, Janelle,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

      We have now used levels Pre-K to Core 100 of Sonlight. I used all the books (Bible, History, Literature, Science) up to Core 6. From Core 7 onwards, I decided to use everything except Science.

      MOST of the science books (up to Core 6) are from a secular viewpoint – Sonlight uses a lot of Usborne books. One or two science books a year are from a YEC perspective. We spent a big chunk of time in Core 6 studying _Evolution: The Grand Experiment_ which is very YEC. When I did the lower Cores with my older two, I read everything prescribed. With my third child, I will not be reading the YEC science books.

      The rest of the books (History, Bible, Readers, etc) hardly have any mention of YEC at all.

      I have not found that the curriculum is very “American” in its presentation or opinions. We have spent more time learning about other countries and cultures than about the US. _Some_ books – esp. in the Bible portion – have been a bit pro-evangelical (or even, pro-American Evangelical), but I think they are easy enough to edit as you read or just skip altogether.

      I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Thanks again for visiting!


  3. In light on the recent discussions on evolution and creationism I thought you might find this exchange between a school superintendent in Kentucky and the Kentucky Board of Education interesting . . . sorry, would have messaged you privately out of comments but can’t seem to find a mechanism to.

    Background/news report:

    Full text of original letter and response:

    Hooray for Kentucky! (not something you can say that often) A well-formed response.


  4. I began listening to JonathanPark adventures, with my kids two weeks ago and I really liked what I heard. And in searching for additional information on his adventures, I came across your blog.
    Interestingly we home school too and began using Sonlight last year.
    I do believe that all who are really serious about training their children for eternity with God will end up homeschooling. The education system is becoming more anti God with each passing year.
    So, I encourage you, as I encourage all of us who have chosen this path of self sacrifice, to remember that we are doing God’s work and to approach it as such. May our children see Jesus in us and grow up into Christ, true light bearers in this dark world.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and sharing.
    God bless


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