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Book Review: Leave it to Psmith

Borrowed the audiobook version read by Jonathan Cecil from our local library.

I like Wodehouse — that is to say, I am trying to acquire a taste for Wodehouse — and I have tried reading several of his books in the past. Sometimes, life gets in the way and I don’t get to finish the book before it is due back at the library.

I have to say, experiencing the book this way was quite enjoyable and rewarding. Listening to an audiobook freed my hands up to do other things, eg knitting. Also, other people could listen and enjoy as well.

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Of Odes to Spell Checkers

A response to the ode to the spell checker no name

The Problem with Compounds

A couple years ago, Allie from Hyperbole and a Half wrote about the Alot, an imaginary creature she created to help her cope whenever she encounters the “word” alot and she has to resist the urge to correct people. If you have not read that post, I suggest you stop here and go read it now. If you have read it before, it’s worthwhile reading it again.

In case you haven’t noticed, alot happens a lot. I’m not sure why.

Maybe people don’t have spell-check turned on. Maybe they think they know better than spell-check. For example, until a couple of weeks ago, I truly and honestly thought that desiccated was spelled with two ‘s’ and one ‘c’ – dessicated. Yes, I had my spell-check turned on and a red squiggly line appeared under it alerting me about the misspelling. What did I do about it? To my shame, I scoffed and thought I knew better. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I looked at the suggested spelling and was mortified to learn I had been spelling this word incorrectly for years! Had to find all previous posts with that word and correct them!

Maybe they think alot is an alternative spelling. It isn’t.

Maybe they think alot is different from a lot, where alot is used to describe “a large amount” and a lot is used when talking about “a piece of land”. It isn’t

Maybe they are too set in their ways to change.

Maybe they’re like me and the word desiccated, ie, not being able to see the correct spelling even when it is right in front of them.

Or maybe —  it pains me to say this — they just don’t care.

 Alot is not a word; it is two words: a lot. It is always two words.

Still, it must be comforting to be able to create an imaginary creature as a coping mechanism.

Sadly, there is one particular grammar mistake for which I have yet to find a coping mechanism, and that is when compound subject and compound object pronouns are used incorrectly.

First World Problems Meme | WHY CAN'T PEOPLE USE PROPER COMPOUND PRONOUNS? | image tagged in memes,first world problems | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

My First World Problem

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Summary Saturday: Words and No Words

No get-together with former classmates this week!

In our home school, we continued reading about the First Fleet and their journey from Cape Town to Botany Bay, La Pérouse, Port Jackson, and finally, Sydney Cove.

The officers kept careful records of the events and happenings — as well as their feelings and opinions — so that we can all have a clear picture of what they saw and experienced.

For example, Phillip Gidley King, encountering a large group of inhospitable natives at Botany Bay, wrote this:

With great precipitation, I embarked & Governor Phillip joined me from the South side of the Bay where he has found the natives very sociable & friendly, we relanded on Lance Point & the same body of natives appeared. Brandishing their lances & defying us however we rowed close in shore & the Governor disembarked with some presents which one of them came & received thus peace was re-established much to the satisfaction of all parties. They came round the boats & many little things were given to them, but what they wanted most was the great coats & clothing, but hats was more particularised by them, their admiration of which they expressed by very loud shouts, whenever one of us pulled our hats off … When they found we were not disposed to part with any more things, they entered into conversation with us, which was very fully interpreted by very plain Signs they wanted to know what sex we were, which they explained by pointing to where it was distinguishable. As they took us for women, not having our beards grown, I ordered one of the people to undeceive them in this particular when they made a great shout of Admiration.

Can’t you just picture it?

On 26 January the whole fleet anchored at Sydney Cove, as it was deemed much better than Botany Bay to set up camp.

On 3 February, they held the first church service in Australia.

From the book:

On 6 February, the female convicts were landed. The male convicts, frustrated after twelve months below decks, broke out of their temporary gaols, ransacked the grog supplies and entered the women’s camp.

That night, as a violent electrical storm raged, ‘licentiousness was … unavoidable,’ wrote Tench. Arthur Bower Smyth was outraged ‘It is beyond my abilities to give a just description of the scene of Debauchery and Riot that ensued that night.’

I’m still chuckling at the classic British understatement. You describe your meeting with the natives in great detail, but are at a loss for words to describe a party.

Must have been some Party!


Word Crimes

“Weird Al” has done it again!

When I saw this, I thought, “Please, please, please let there be something about it’s and its.”

He delivered!

This video has gone viral. When I first watched it, it had been viewed eight hundred thousand times. Now, two hours later, it’s over a million.

In the video, he makes mention of using proper pronouns, but does not go into detail. Pity.

(I had not heard the original before today. Now that I have, I must say the parody is much better!)

Warning: Stumbling Blocks Ahead

Link to Article

If the purpose of our clothes is to glorify God, how are you doing so by wearing something that obviously causes others to sin in their minds? Yes, it is everyone’s job to control their own eyes, but you ALSO have a responsibility to not give them reason to sin.

– See more at:

Warning: Contains Photographs of Men

Actually, you know what? Stuff all that nonsense about what to wear or not to wear so as to not make someone else stumble. There are some people that are gonna look and go “Mmm…” no matter what you’re wearing. If you have a Y-chromosome, I’m gonna look. There is a reason why a friend a uni dubbed me ‘the most heterosexual person’ she knows.

Of Assignments and Agreements

Only on paper...

Only on paper…


It is a phonics workbook and the lesson is on the -ture and -ment suffixes. There are no ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ answers.

Maybe I need to have her sign this. 😈

Know Your Stuff Otherwise You’re Stuffed

A Facebook friend took this picture and posted it on her wall.

What do you expect from a cereal called FrOOt Loops?

What do you expect from a cereal called FrOOt Loops?


Possessive pronouns do not need apostrophes.

Whose is it?
This is mine and that is yours.
This is his and that is hers.
This is ours and that is theirs.
The dog wagged its tail in delight.
Not a single apostrophe in sight.

A Riddle


What is the difference between an ‘Atheist’ and a ‘Progressive Christian’?


One is a real danger to Christianity. 

The other does not believe in a god.


But he never said that you can’t be a Christian and believe in evolution!  No, he didn’t!

After reading the article, Mast 11 said, ‘He sounds like a dictator who likes to blame others when things don’t go his way. Like Hitler blaming the communists.’

Mixed Message

Saw this in the Health Section in the bookstore.

Side by Side on the Bookshelf

Side by Side on the Bookshelf

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