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Doctor Who Scarf

One of the reasons I have not been blogging as much lately is because I have been busy knitting a scarf. A very, very, very, long scarf.

Doctor Who Season 12 Scarf

Doctor Who Season 12 Scarf

I’ve placed a one-metre ruler next to the scarf for comparison. Yes, the scarf is about four metres, or a bit over 12 feet, long. This is the Season 12 scarf.

I got the pattern from here. I decided to go with the “inches” pattern rather than the “number of rows” pattern because I used 8-ply yarn (which is most typically found here) rather than worsted yarn.

The colours were a bit of a challenge to find and match as closely as possible. Ah, well! It is recognisable as a Doctor Who scarf and that is all that matters.

Lizzie with Dr Who Scarf

Ben with Dr Who Scarf

Susannah with Dr Who scarf



A jumper I made for my oldest.  (That’s sweater for you Americans.)

Round Neck with Drop Sleeves

More Knitting

Elizabeth's Jumper 2011

This colour is absolutely divine on this girl.


Benjamin's Jumper 2011

This is 100% pure wool and boy, is it heavy!

Some Knitting…

Just something I’ve been working on for the past few months.

I’m new to knitting and these are the first ‘big projects’ I have ever attempted.

Round Neck with Set-In Sleeves

This was for my oldest who will be 14 in August.

It is a dark red jumper with a green stripe in front (no stripe at the back) and stripes on the sleeves. The pattern I followed does not have a stripe – it is just plain.  I added the stripe because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the entire jumper.  Lining up the stripes on the sleeves to the stripe on the body was the hardest thing!

V-Neck with Set-In Sleeves

This is my second child, who will be 12 in November.

It is purple, which is her favourite colour.

I found set-in sleeves a bit challenging because I found that the length of the top of the sleeves did not match exactly to the armholes of the front and back.  But I managed to make it fit in the end.

Knitted Jumper with Raglan Sleeves

This is my third child, who turned 8 in May.

It is a gray with round neck and raglan sleeves.  This is actually the first jumper I knitted.  It’s pure wool (the others are acrylic) and therefore very warm.

To be honest, I started out knitting this for myself.  The pattern called for 11 balls of wool, but I only bought 10 (the lady at the store said I could probably get away with it if I reduced some of the rows from the sleeves and the body).  As you can see, it turned out to be too small for me!

Jumper with Fisherman's Rib and Raglan Sleeves

Jumper with Fisherman's Rib and Raglan Sleeves

This is my youngest, who will be 4 in November.

It is the same dark red as the one my oldest is wearing and this colour suits her really well.  This is the second jumper I made (after the gray one) and I sort of made it up based on the pattern for the gray one.  I just reduced the numbers here and there and made it into a fisherman’s rib (rather than stocking stitch).

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