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Dear YEC Friend – #13 A Matter of Interpretation

A continuation of a series of letters I have written to a fictitious young-Earth Creationist friend. While the ‘Friend’ is fictitious, it is based on observations of, and interactions with, people who hold young-Earth ideas.

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Dear Friend,

I think the main reason why YECs find the idea of an old earth — and its cousin, evolution — to be illogical is that it is incongruous with their interpretation of the Bible. So committed are they to their particular interpretation of the Bible, that it is difficult for them to see things any other way.

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Dear YEC Friend – #12 The Bible Tells Me So

A continuation of a series of letters I have written to a fictitious young-Earth Creationist friend. While the ‘Friend’ is fictitious, it is based on observations of and interactions with people who hold young-Earth ideas.

You can click on the Category Letters to My Young Earth Creationist Friend or go to the Page to find more.


Dear Friend,

“Compromising Christians”

In response to my last letter,  you said that there is no room for “maybe”.  God told us how he created life, the universe and everything in it very clearly in His Word. If you opened the door to allow for even the idea that the earth could be more than 6000 years old, you could no longer be a consistent Christian.

I see that Ken Ham (and his cronies) have done their job well in convincing their followers of the Dogma of Young-Earth Creationism™ . He calls people like me “compromisers”. I guess that means people who have no integrity, who aren’t intellectually honest. The “official” stance is that it isn’t a salvation issue, but I don’t think anyone is fooled. Oh, yeah, you told me once it is a salvation issue. I’m glad you are able to be honest enough to say it.

To you, not interpreting Genesis (and passages that allude or refer to it) literally is “fracturing” God’s Word. I have already addressed this issue, so I won’t rehash it here. Many YECs have been taught that if Genesis 1-11 isn’t straight history, then Christianity isn’t true. Unfortunately, this kind of teaching is not winning any souls to Christ. In fact, it is turning people away. It is turning a lot of Christians into atheists. YECism is doing the opposite of what it intends to do!

And that is why I think YECism is a dangerous doctrine. It requires believers to accept something as an integral part of the faith which is provably false!

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Of Odes to Spell Checkers

A response to the ode to the spell checker no name

Dear YEC Friend – #11 Just Say “Maybe”

Dear Friend,

Today, I came across an article from the BioLogos website about a former young-Earth Creationist.

The following reminded me a lot of several conversations between you and me:

I remember arguing with a well-meaning guy in High School youth group because he thought that accepting evolution could be a potential option for a Christian. I was so sure in what I believed I couldn’t even attempt to hear him out, which makes it hard to respectfully engage with anyone –especially another believer. Saying God could have created with evolution was denying a part of the Bible, I told him, and if you believe in evolution you may as well toss out the rest of the Bible along the way! After all, scientists endorsing evolution all have ulterior motives, and science and Christianity are surely in conflict (or so I thought). Biblical truth is to be elevated above observations of the natural world in the end, I believed, so the Bible gets the final say.

Does this resonate with you? Well, except for the part where it says, “…science and Christianity are surely in conflict…”, because I think YECs would say that science and Christianity are in perfect harmony with each other. If there are any perceived conflicts, it is our interpretation of the scientific evidence that must be reevaluated. We know our interpretation is correct when it matches what the Bible says. Right?

If the truth of the natural world is no less true than the truth we see in the Bible, the way to deal with apparent discrepancies is not to throw one out or elevate one above the other. The error must be on our part; the interpretation is flawed, missing a piece. For me this meant just a brief moment of “maybe.” Maybe God could have used evolution to create the world if there truly is evidence for it extrapolated by good science. Just maybe. In the context of my story, “maybe” was a big thing to finally say.

I know for people like Ken Ham, there is no “maybe” about it. For such people, entertaining such thoughts puts one on a slippery slope to rejecting the Creation message and ultimately the Good News. The Institute for Creation Research lists as one of the Tenets of Biblical Creationism, “The creation record is factual, historical and perspicuous; thus all theories of origins or development which involve evolution in any form are false.”

How about you? Is there room for “maybe”?



The following were written by Master 11 for Poetry.  He struggles mightily with creative writing assignments – they don’t come easily to him – but he does make an effort.

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Candy Crush Saga Woes

There once was a lady in Melbourne
Who decided to play Candy Crush for fun
But she’s run out of luck
On Level 350 she’s stuck
‘I have to finish what I begun!’

Work in Progress

It’s not changing their nappies
Or wiping their noses
Or brushing their teeth

It’s not reading food labels
Or trying to eat wholemeal, grass-fed, organic
Or comparing prices

It’s not taking them to music lessons
Or to sports and playdates
Or to the museum and the zoo

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The Grubgulp Letters – #9

Dear Toadwaft,

I see it’s been over a year since we last corresponded and much has happened since then.

I am delighted to hear that your Charge has fully embraced the Christian Homeschool Life™ and desires to do so even more.

It warmed my heart to learn, thanks to that Seminar she attended, that she finally ditched that old curriculum because it just wasn’t godly enough.  The stories contained talking animals and children going off on adventures with very little to no adult supervision. The science mentioned evolution.  The history talked of pre-historic people and animals. The math, well, it just didn’t sit right with her.

I liked reading your account of how your Charge is doing her ‘darndest’ to encourage others to answer the Call to homeschool and to experience the happiness and fulfillment that the Christian Homeschool Life™ brings. She is always at the forefront promoting this book, or that movie, which endorses the Christian Homeschool Life™. While she acknowledges that it is not a ‘sin’ to not homeschool, nevertheless, she just cannot fathom how anyone can truly be living according to biblical principles if they didn’t do so. Well done, Toadwaft, but you still have a bit more work to do.  Keep nudging at her until she gives up trying to reconcile the two and just call non-homeschooling for what it really is: Sin.

What you must persevere in doing, Toadwaft, is to keep her in a state of classifying things as either biblical or unbiblical.  If it’s in the Bible, it’s biblical and must be obeyed and adhered to.  Science?  As long as it conforms to the literal, plain reading of the Bible, it’s okay.  History?  As long as it agrees with the accounts in the Bible.  Mathematics isn’t as important, but is a necessary life-skill, so she will just endeavour to teach the basic minimum.  Running a household?  Sure, that is definitely mentioned and therefore is biblical. Farming? Animal husbandry? Again, totally biblical. Conversely, your Charge must regard anything not specifically mentioned in the Bible as suspicious and potentially dangerous.

In all things, you must make sure that your Charge regard the Bible as the Answer Book and to look to it – and nothing else – for all of life’s answers.  If she ever thinks to rely on the Holy Spirit, we’re in Trouble!

Looking forward to your next report,


The above letter is a work of fiction. Any similarities to The Screwtape Letters may be intentional. My apologies to C.S. Lewis. For more letters, click on the Grubgulp Letters category.

Not Asking For It

There is a she-person.
She could be your grandmother, your mother, your sister, your cousin.
She could be your daughter, your granddaughter, your niece.
She could be your co-worker, your employee, yes, even your boss.
Listen up!
She is not asking to be raped.

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“I Am” – A Poem by a 10-Year-Old Boy

Mast. 10 had to write a poem for his Language Arts assignment today based on the following model:

I Am Poem

To understand the mindset of this boy better, read this post first.

I told him not to stress over the assignment too much. ‘Just write down the first thing that comes to your mind,’ I said. ‘That is usually the best and most honest.’

This is what he came up with (I’ve copied it out exactly as he wrote it):

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