Here is a list of posts that recounts my experiences and thoughts as I explore the issues that surround the Creation/Evolution debate.

1. My Introduction to Young-Earth Creationism

2. Homeschooling and the Search for the ‘Perfect’ Curriculum

3. Instilling Fear

4. Is Young-Earth Creationism ‘Science’?

5. Theistic Evolution

6. Getting off the YEC Bandwagon

7. “Why Couldn’t God…?”

8. God of the Gaps

9. What ‘Theory’ Really Means

10. Geocentrism

11. A Creation/Evolution Debate

  1. Awesome primer on recent changes to hominoidea taxonomy, e.g. humankind’s closest relatives:

    The various genome projects cataloging gene content are also doing awesome wonders for clarifying evolutionary lineage and relationships. Just awesome stuff.


  2. Thanks for that, hktelemacher.


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