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Dear YEC Friend – #10 Creation Conference

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the invitation to the Creation Conference.  I was particularly struck by the introductory ‘hook’:

If the Bible’s history cannot be trusted, then its authority and trustworthiness over our lives is diluted – affecting our evangelism, discipleship, teaching and parenting.

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Review: Jonathan Park: Ep. 25 – The Winds of Change, Part 1

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Plot Summary:

Jonathan and Thad take refuge during an electrical storm. The intense heat from a dangerously close lightning strike forms several fulgurites. The boys want to put them on display in the Brenan Museum of Creation, but two men will stop at nothing to steal them because of the belief that they posses mysterious new-age powers. (Taken from here.)

Topics include:

  • Fulgurites
  • New Age Movement
  • Home Schooling
  • Complexity of the Human Genome
  • Gaia Hypothesis and Anthropic Principle
  • Logical Fallacies

The Study Guide for episodes 25-26 can be found here: jp_vol3_study_guide_epi25-26

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