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Ham-on-Nye Debate

Well, I followed a link on my Facebook feed which brought me to a live streaming of the debate between Ken Ham (President and CEO of Answers in Genesis, a young-Earth Creationist organisation) and Bill Nye (the Science Guy).

Link to YouTube video.

I started watching it live at the 1hr-something mark, and then decided to call my 11yods over to watch it with me. So we ‘rewound’ it and started from the beginning. He periodically paused the video and gave his comments. I have to say I was very impressed that he was able to identify some of the poor arguments made (mostly by Ken Ham).
My scattered thoughts:bill-nye-ken-ham-debate

Why does Ken Ham, who has lived in the US for decades still have such a strong Aussie accent? I guess he must be like the proverbial leopard and its spots. (I know that my accent has changed since living here and my accent changes depending on who I’m speaking to. Get me in a room with a Malaysian, an Australian and an American and watch me struggle to find the right accent!)

I think both men behaved well and spoke calmly. There were a couple of moments I felt that Bill Nye was trying to keep his temper under control (he seemed more animated), but overall, it was good. The audience members were polite and applauded only when they were allowed to.

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Noah May Or May Not Have Gotten SAD

but Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis are probably feeling a little blue that they still haven’t raised enough money for their ark project.

Tickets to the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate have sold out, but you can still reserve a live video stream for $4.99. The stream is free with pre-orders of debate DVDs and/or digital downloads ranging from $12.99 to $24.99.

If one million people buy the DVDs and/or digital downloads, I think the ark project might actually get off the ground.

I do not want to give AiG my email address, let alone my money. I DO want to know how the debate goes, but I doubt I would be able to properly assess what is being said. Thankfully, many others who ARE able to will be watching and will be ready to give a more articulate response.

Bill Nye vs Ken Ham

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum has invited Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ to a debate. The debate will take place on February 4 at the Creation Museum. Tickets are $25 each and will be available for purchase through the debate event page starting Monday, January 6. (Tickets are sold out.)

The hall can hold 900 people. I predict most of those seats will be occupied by AiG/YEC supporters who are hoping to see Ken Ham show convincingly how ‘observational science confirms the scientific accuracy of the Genesis account of origins, not evolution.’ I don’t know how many non-YECs (or ‘Evolutionists’ if you like) will buy tickets.

I think many that plan to attend will already have their minds made up regarding Creation vs. Evolution. Attending the debate will only serve to confirm what they already believe. Still, there just might be others who have not made up their minds and want to go and have a look-see and listen.

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