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New Year’s Resolutions Haiku

Oldest child at camp
But three children still at home.
Hark! It’s so quiet!

First six weeks of school
Planned, printed, ready to go
But am I ready?

Must be organised
Homeschooling four kids this year
Grades 10, 8, 4, K.

Must not lose my cool
Must be patient, kind, but firm.
Must not go crazy.

Need to lose some weight
About forty pounds or so
Or, twenty kilos.

Will keep you informed.
Blogging is a way to keep
me accountable.


Christmas Haiku

Wishing my readers
A very Merry Christmas –
Grace and Peace to you!

Hope you have a good
time with family and friends.
Be safe and happy.

May you remember
the reason for the season:
Jesus, come to earth.

God’s gift to us all.
We should also love others
because He loves us.

Therefore, go! Reach out
to others in love and grace.
Shine your light to all.

May the peace of God
be upon you and yours this
Christmas and always.


School year is over
Now on holiday and rest
More time for blogging

Houseguests arriving
Monday, leaving on Sunday
House is still a mess

Books for next year’s school
Finally clicked on ‘Purchase’
Exchange rate is good!

Christmas is coming
A time for remembering
What God did for us

A time to reach out
To others in love and grace
Shine your light to all

May the peace of God
Be upon you and yours this
Christmas and always.

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