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Little Athletics Presentation 2016/17 Season

This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for almost a month! Yikes!

As followers of my blog know, we have been involved with our local Little Athletics club for over ten years now. I put my older children in because I am not sporty in any way, shape, or form so I needed to outsource their physical education.

This season, Mark was once again the President of the club, and I was once again the Results Input person. Our older son served as a General Committee member and our older daughter helped out with entering the sprint results electronically.

Our younger son competed in the U15 age group. I think he only missed one week of competition when he was away at a Boys’ Brigade camp, so he had an almost perfect attendance. That, coupled with the fact that when he was present at Little Aths he competed in every single event, earned him the most points for his age group and he was awarded First Place for the U15 Boys.

Our younger daughter decided not to continue with Little Athletics, turning her time, energy, and focus instead to dancing. My husband predicted that the day would come when she would choose to give up Little Athletics but it was still a bittersweet moment for me. Several times over the season I asked whether she was sure, and each time she assured me she was. “No regrets?” I asked. “No regrets,” she said, firmly.

Benjamin is entitled to compete for another year as an U16; he may or may not continue this coming season, he’s not sure yet. Nevertheless, the rest of us have decided to step down from our various positions.

We’ve had a good experience with the club and, as Life Members, it is not good-bye. We will definitely be in touch and be kept in the know with the club’s events and happenings.


Little Athletics Presentation 2016

This happened last month, but I am only now writing about it.

We have been involved with this club for over ten years now. What started out as a way to ‘outsource’ Physical Education for our home-schooled children has turned out to be a full-on family commitment.

Mark is the President, and no, that does not make me the First Lady.

I am the Results Coordinator Manager. I collect all the results sheets at the end of the day’s events and enter them into the system.

Older son Jeremy served as the Chief of Officials.

Older daughter Susannah helped out at the track field, zapping athletes’ barcodes and aligning that with their track results.

Younger son Benjamin completed his ninth year of little athletics and because he went every single week bar one (he was away at a Boys’ Brigade camp that weekend) and took part in every single event, he managed to rack up enough points to get First Place!

2016-03-05 11.32.36

Younger daughter Elizabeth received her Five-Year Award. As an U9 athlete, she is one of the youngest recipients of the award.

Little Aths Presentation

She also attended every week bar one (Girls’ Brigade camp) and competed in every event, but did not collect enough points to get a placing.

Elizabeth LA Presentation

Our Saturday mornings are now a lot quieter and less rushed, that is, until October when the season starts up again!


Little Athletics 2014/15 Awards

It’s been a while since I lasted posted. I start out the year with grand intentions of blogging regularly. This year, I had the wonderful idea of blogging every day with a theme for the day. Movie Reviews on Mondays, book reviews on Wednesdays (Wordful Wednesday), recipes on Fridays (Foodful Friday), etc. (I also adore alliteration.) Well, watching a movie every week is a bit much and although I tell people I like reading, the truth of the matter is, I find it increasingly difficult to stay focused on a book these days. Could be my age, could be something else. I still cook, but unlike those of younger years, I don’t feel compelled to take a photo of my food every time I interact with it. Besides, I am not that great photographer.

And what happened to Summary Saturdays where I talk about the week’s events? Well, that kind of went out the window, too.

Lazy. That’s what it is.

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Little Athletics Presentation Day 2014

Ten-Year Service Award Recipients

Ten-Year Service Award Recipients

Susannah (middle) received a 10-year service award from Little Athletics. She has been part of Little Athletics since she was in U6. She was in U15 this season and commented that she’s been part of LA for two-thirds of her life!

100% Participation Trophy Recipients

100% Participation Trophy Recipients

Elizabeth (first from the left in the front row) and Benjamin (back row wearing the cap) received a trophy for 100% attendance. (Susannah missed out by one session because she was away at a Girls’ Brigade camp that weekend.)

U7 Girls

Elizabeth got 2nd Place overall in the U7 Girls



U12 Boys

Benjamin got 4th Place overall in the U12 Boys



U15 WLAC 2014

Susannah got 3rd Place overall in the U15 Girls



My children are not high-performing athletes.  The reason why they did so well overall was because they turned up every week and did every single event scheduled that day. They gave every event their best effort and tried to improve on their previous performance. The Club awards points for participating and for improving. A lower-performing athlete who shows consistency in participation and improvement will score more points than a high-performing athlete who does not participate in as many events and/or does not improve on his/her Personal Best as often.

Jeremy, who is our oldest and too old to participate an athlete, has been helping out and for the next season, he will be the Equipment Manager for the Club.

Trophies at Little Athletics

Susannah receiving the Aaron Linskens Memorial Shield

Susannah receiving the Aaron Linskens Memorial Shield

This is a very prestigious award presented to the Southern Star (U13-U16) athlete who exhibited the best example of ‘Attitude, Involvement, Enjoyment’. Aaron Linskens was a former little athlete who was tragically killed.  His mother set up this award in honour of his memory.


Elizabeth with her trophy and certificate

Elizabeth with her trophy and certificate

Benjamin with his trophy and certificate

Benjamin with his trophy and certificate

Susannah with her trophy and certificate

Susannah with her trophy and certificate


Little Athletics 2012/2013

It’s the first Saturday of October, and for the Yewnique family that means the start of another Little Athletics season.

We had beautiful – I’m talking 30C – weather.  Unfortunately, that was earlier in the week.  By the time the weekend rolled around, temperatures had dropped to 10C.  It was cold! If you’re reading this in the Tropics, you can probably relate. If you’re in the Tundra, you may well think we’re just a bunch of wimps.  Parents and athletes were walking around shivering, pulling their jumpers around tighter and moaning, ‘It’s freezing!’  Yes, Melburnians are prone to a bit of hyperbole.

We started late, but managed to finish on time.  Incredible, considering that it rained a bit halfway through.

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Little Athletics

The yewnique family will have all four children in Little Athletics this season!

Last year the club introduced a new age group – U16 – to cater to those athletes who wanted to stay in the club and not move up to Seniors.  Mast15, will be in this age group.

Miss Will-Turn-5-in-November can join the U6 after her birthday.

Mr Yewnique is the Computer Manager and I am the Results Input Coordinator.

Can anyone say 100% participation rate?

Today was supposed to be the first day, but it was cancelled due to bad weather.

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