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3. Instilling Fear

One of the things that I feel YECists instill in its followers is Fear.  Fear and Doubt of anything that contradicts a 100% literal, factual interpretation of the Bible.  Some may even say a KJV Bible, but that is a topic for another day.

A common idea that is taught among YECists is: “You either believe the Bible as a whole, as 100% true in each and every word, or you can’t place any faith in it whatsoever.”  I see a HUGE problem with this.  YEC aims to build believers up, by affirming to them that they CAN trust the whole Bible to be true, but it does the complete opposite, in my opinion.  Whether YECists realise it or not, this idea actually sets up YEC believers to fall away from the faith altogether when they are faced with evidence which suggests that not everything in the Bible can fit a literal interpretation.  The YEC response to this is actually quite interesting.

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2. Homeschooling and the Search for the ‘Perfect’ Curriculum

The small fellowship my husband and I were part of, in addition to espousing Young Earth Creationism (YEC), also strongly favoured homeschooling.  I had never heard of anyone doing homeschooling in modern times.  I thought it was something of the past – pictures of rich English children sitting at a table being taught by a tutor, that sort of thing.  Or, country chidren sitting around a kitchen table being taught by Mother.  Certainly, in this day and age with schools within close proximity homeschooling was, well…strange?

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