Doug Phillips Sued by ‘The Other Woman’

Doug Phillips, the founder of the now-defunct Vision Forum, Inc. and Vision Forum Ministries, is being sued by the woman with whom he had, by his own admission, a lengthy an inappropriate physical relationship.

Although there were many speculations as to the woman’s identity, the woman has now chosen to publicly reveal her identity – Lourdes Toress – the nanny of the Phillips’ children.

The report on World Net Daily is quite detailed. My only quibble with the article is the title which calls Doug Phillips a ‘Christian Giant’. Actually, no, he isn’t. I believe Doug Phillips is only known within the conservative Christian homeschooling community, which itself is a very small slice within Christianity. Most of his followers are in the US, with a smattering in other countries.

The complaint filed against Doug Phillips can be read here. It is a very long, detailed, and very good look at what the Conservative Christian Patriarchy movement teaches. Doug Phillips’ friends and associates are also mentioned.

In particular:

  • Teach Them Diligently (operated by David Nunnery)
  • Family Covenant Ministries (operated by Jon Summers)
  • National Center for Family Integrated Churches (operated by Scott Brown)
  • Voddie Baucham Ministries (operated by Voddie Bauchum)
  • Advanced Training Institute Conferences (operated by Tim Levendusky)
  • Generations with Vision (operated by Kevin Swanson)

I would add Ken Ham and Kirk Cameron to the list of friends and associates.

Julie-Anne over at Spiritual Sounding Board has a more extensive timeline of events.

Read the file!

Little Athletics Presentation Day 2014

Ten-Year Service Award Recipients

Ten-Year Service Award Recipients

Susannah (middle) received a 10-year service award from Little Athletics. She has been part of Little Athletics since she was in U6. She was in U15 this season and commented that she’s been part of LA for two-thirds of her life!

100% Participation Trophy Recipients

100% Participation Trophy Recipients

Elizabeth (first from the left in the front row) and Benjamin (back row wearing the cap) received a trophy for 100% attendance. (Susannah missed out by one session because she was away at a Girls’ Brigade camp that weekend.)

U7 Girls

Elizabeth got 2nd Place overall in the U7 Girls



U12 Boys

Benjamin got 4th Place overall in the U12 Boys



U15 WLAC 2014

Susannah got 3rd Place overall in the U15 Girls



My children are not high-performing athletes.  The reason why they did so well overall was because they turned up every week and did every single event scheduled that day. They gave every event their best effort and tried to improve on their previous performance. The Club awards points for participating and for improving. A lower-performing athlete who shows consistency in participation and improvement will score more points than a high-performing athlete who does not participate in as many events and/or does not improve on his/her Personal Best as often.

Jeremy, who is our oldest and too old to participate an athlete, has been helping out and for the next season, he will be the Equipment Manager for the Club.

Jonathan Park Survey Results – Week One

It has been one week since the Jonathan Park Survey went online. If you haven’t taken it, you can still take it here.

So far 50 people have taken the survey, which isn’t a lot, but I thought I’d give a report anyway.

Respondents’ Demographics

Most of the respondents are female (88%).

The largest group (36%) is in the 40-49 age group.

The vast majority (84%) are in North America (USA).

The largest group (30%) of people consider themselves Theistic/Deistic Evolutionists, followed by the next largest group (24%) who consider themselves Young-Earth Creationists.

Most of the respondents have either never heard of Jonathan Park (46%) or have heard of it but have not listened to a single episode (38%).  Only 16% (eight people) have listened to at least one episode.

Tentative Conclusion: The vast majority of people have not heard of Jonathan Park.

The Minority Who Listened

The following is based on the EIGHT respondents who have actually listened to at least one episode.

Four people examined the claims and statements made in the series and found both the scientific information and the theology to be lacking. All four are Theistic/Deistic Evolutionist.

Two people claim to have examined the issues and found the scientific information and the theology to be sound. Both are Young-Earth Creationists.

One person found some albums to be more sound and some albums to be more questionable. Respondent is a Young-Earth Creationist.

One person admits to not having examined the issues deeply enough to form an adequate opinion on the matter. The reason why he has not examined the issues more is because he trusts the writers and producers to have done their work properly and the information presented in the programs to be correct. This person is a young-Earth Creationist.

To see the problems I find with the Jonathan Park series, please read my reviews of the episodes. There are lot of reviews; you don’t have to tackle them all in one day.  I certainly didn’t write them all in one day.


The following were written by Master 11 for Poetry.  He struggles mightily with creative writing assignments – they don’t come easily to him – but he does make an effort.

Read the rest of this entry

Jonathan Park Survey

I have been inspired to create a survey to study the habits of Jonathan Park listeners and fans with regards to the series.

Please take a few moments to answer the questions. The survey does take into consideration people who have never listened to a single episode, so if you fall into that category, you are not excluded from taking the survey. I am interested in seeing how many people have actually heard of this series among other things, so please do not ignore the survey.

There are 13 questions, and the survey should take no more than five minutes (at the most!) to complete.

Please go here to take the survey.

Thank you.

Jonathan Park Lives

Just when you thought that Jonathan Park died along with the demise of Vision Forum, Creation Works of California decided to come along and run a fundraising campaign to revive the young-Earth Creationist and his family and friends.

Campaign Details

Your contributions will be used in the following ways:

Tier 1 – $100,000 (MINIMUM Crowdfunding Goal)

  • Down payment to purchase the Jonathan Park project.
  • Repackage all current Jonathan Park albums & put them back into circulation.

Tier 2 – $150,000 (IDEAL Crowdfunding Goal)

  • Down payment to purchase the Jonathan Park project.
  • Repackage all current Jonathan Park albums & put them back into circulation.
  • Immediately begin production on the next 12-episode album (tentatively slated for release by Christmas of 2014).


Their campaign is successful – they have managed to raise $150,000 with two days left to go – so that means that Jonathan Park will be back in circulation and Volume 10 will be in production.

I have written extensive reviews for each episode in the first eight volumes, 96 episode reviews in all. To see what a god-awful series this is, please go to this page.

Beyond the ‘Evolution’ vs ‘Creation’ Debate

A series of lectures by Dr Denis Lamoureux.

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Terms and Definitions – Science-Religion Relationship

Lecture 3: Views on the Origin of the Universe and Life

Lecture 4: Coming to Terms with Evolution: My Personal Story

Lecture 5: Summary and Conclusions 

YEC Biblical Evolution? I Have a Book That Says Otherwise


Naturalis Historia talks about how the YEC model to explain the diversity of life after the Flood cannot hold water.

Originally posted on Naturalis Historia:

Last week Ken Ham promoted a biblical evolution model to explain the diversity of life on Earth.   I have a book before me that provides compelling evidence that this model of evolution is wrong. That book is the Bible.  For those that follow the creation literature nothing that Ken Ham said last week in his debate with Bill Nye was surprising or new but I suspect that many may have been surprised to hear Ken Ham talk about evolution and claim that he understood the real meaning of evolution.  He talked about a Biblical creation model of the earth’s origins but when it came to the origins of species he might as well have called his view biblical evolution.

To demonstrate his view of biblical evolution he showed the slide below and explained that on Noah’s ark there were only one pair of the felines, canines and elephants that represented…

View original 1,592 more words

Ham-on-Nye Debate

Well, I followed a link on my Facebook feed which brought me to a live streaming of the debate between Ken Ham (President and CEO of Answers in Genesis, a young-Earth Creationist organisation) and Bill Nye (the Science Guy).

Link to YouTube video.

I started watching it live at the 1hr-something mark, and then decided to call my 11yods over to watch it with me. So we ‘rewound’ it and started from the beginning. He periodically paused the video and gave his comments. I have to say I was very impressed that he was able to identify some of the poor arguments made (mostly by Ken Ham).
My scattered thoughts:bill-nye-ken-ham-debate

Why does Ken Ham, who has lived in the US for decades still have such a strong Aussie accent? I guess he must be like the proverbial leopard and its spots. (I know that my accent has changed since living here and my accent changes depending on who I’m speaking to. Get me in a room with a Malaysian, an Australian and an American and watch me struggle to find the right accent!)

I think both men behaved well and spoke calmly. There were a couple of moments I felt that Bill Nye was trying to keep his temper under control (he seemed more animated), but overall, it was good. The audience members were polite and applauded only when they were allowed to.

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Groundhog Day

Well, it’s Groundhog Day…again.

Down Under we don’t have groundhogs acting as prognosticators of seasonal changes. We don’t have groundhogs, full stop. But if we did, I sure hope they predict that autumn will be here soon!

We’re having another scorcher today of over 40C.


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